8 Lessons You Should Avoid Teaching Children

How to Raise Kids. Some parents can’t stop worrying that they’re gonna mess it up or that their kid’s gonna have it tough. According to some statistics, though, most parents are confident in their skills. However, parents often teach their kids the wrong lessons that influence them in the worst way. We’ve checked with the best psychologists to come up with a list of 8 bad lessons a lot of parents unknowingly teach their kids. We’ve also provided some healthy alternatives that’ll help you raise your kids to become strong, confident, and self-sufficient adults.

Bad Lesson #1: Snitching is wrong. 1:02
Bad Lesson #2: Children shouldn’t express their negative emotions. 2:27
Bad Lesson #3: You should try to make people like you. 4:38
Bad Lesson #4: Get good grades or you’ll never get a good job. 6:14
Bad Lesson #5: “Always the best for my baby!” 8:03
Bad Lesson #6: Making a mistake means losing something. 10:13
Bad Lesson #7: Children should never be idle. 12:44
Bad Lesson #8: Children must always share their toys. 14:09


-Parents should teach their kids to talk openly about unfair or difficult situations and be patient if some of the stories they tell don’t really seem like a big deal through the eyes of an adult.
-Encourage your child to express their feelings in a safe way.
-A child should not have to sacrifice their own interests and goals to please others, and they shouldn’t let anyone force them to do something they don’t want to do.
-Tell your child to work hard to gain knowledge, but don’t wrap themselves up in good grades.
-Financially responsible parents make great role models for their children, who learn the value of money and use it as a tool, not as entertainment.
-Honest mistakes don’t need to be punished. If your child gets a bad grade or flunks a test, that might mean they just need help with a tough subject.
-Many psychologists claim that children won’t learn to rely on themselves if their parents don’t give them some alone time. Provide them with toys, books, and other activities, but let your child choose how to entertain themselves.
-Encourage your children to share their toys while instilling in them a sense of fairness. If another child wants to borrow the ball they’re playing with, it’s reasonable for the kids to play with that ball together.

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