10 Hacks to Be Less Overwhelmed as a Mom with

Do you feel too overwhelmed by your life at home with young children? Here are 10 Hacks to Be Less Overwhelmed. I’m Avital, aka The Parenting Junkie, and I know how it feels to be overwhelmed! In this video, I give 10 ways to feel less overwhelmed even with little kids at home that is streamlined and stress-free.

00:00 10 Ways to Feel Less Overwhelmed as a Parent
00:50 #1 Declutter
02:36 #2 Storage Systems
03:57 #3 Clean As You Go
06:00 #4 Batch Your Cooking
08:02 #5 Consistency & Routine
10:17 #6 Buy In Sets
12:04 #7 Store Things In Groups
14:19 #8 Have a Family Color Palette
16:35 #9 Get Clear On Your Vision
17:52 #10 Put Systems in Place

With all these tips, the more overwhelmed you feel the more necessary they are to do. What areas need the most attention from you? Share with me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/parentingjunkie) or in our Facebook Group (https://www.theparentingjunkie.com/loveparentingwithavital). Try these tips on for size, I would love to hear how it goes for you.


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If you’re interested in Simplicity Parenting, Minimalism With Kids, Peaceful Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Intentional Parenting… you’re in the right space!



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