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You asked, and I FINALLY made the video: I’m sharing the 12 things we do to raise good kids!

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* What time is bedtime? Does it change on certain days?
* Is there a certain time your child can get out of their bed, leave their room, etc
* Purposely hurting others (physically, emotionally) is never acceptable
* When (after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, how late?) your child can have snacks
* Where can your child take food/drink in your home
* Should your child follow directions quickly, the first time given, etc
* What does your child have to ask before doing?
* Where should your child sleep?
* When an adult speaks to your child, they should…
* How much _______ (screen time, sweets, etc) your child can have in a day
* When can your child go outside?
* Where can your child go when they’re outside?
* Can they have devices at the table? A restaurant? In the car? In their backpack?
* Is there anything they have to wait to do until they’re a certain age?
* We don’t purchase things at the grocery store unless they’ve been added to the list
* What toys are only for outside?
* What should your child avoid doing to the family pets?
* Is your child expected to always tell the truth, be honest with all adults, be honest with parents, etc
* When/how often does your child have to bathe, brush teeth, wash hands, brush hair, etc
* Is your child expected to be kind to others?
* What should your child do if they see someone being unsafe or mean?
* Do they have to be dressed a certain way to be able to leave their room, etc? Is underwear ok? (I have four boys, ya’ll. Getting a few of my kids to want to wear something other than just boxers is sometimes a struggle in our home. Is this something you feel is important to set a boundary for for your family?)
* What can their video games/apps/music they listen to be rated?

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* staying up 10/15/20/30 extra minutes
* staying out later
* getting to bring a friend over
* extra story at bedtime
* building something specific they want out of blocks/playdoh, etc with a parent
* getting to choose breakfast/lunch/dinner
* paint their nails
* extra ____ minutes of screen time
* unlimited time on a device
* download a new app (preferably free or set whatever $ limit ahead of time)
* playing a board game of their choice with who they want
* playing a Mario Kart, etc game against a parent
* have a picnic/tea party (inside or out)
* family movie
* learning dance moves together from YouTube as a family
* extra piece of candy
* going to the library and loading up on books
* getting a new board game
* making slime together
* pack of gum
* getting to go to Target, Barnes and Noble, etc and pick out a new book of their choice
* extra dessert
* extra soda/juice/chocolate milk
* lego minifigure/Hatchimal colleggtible egg (get a container of 12 and only give one for each time they get to 6 or however many points)/LOL doll
* new sticker for their water bottle/sticker book/computer
* a new football/baseball card

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