The golden rule of parenting

Parenting styles vary and I don’t claim to own the book on perfect parenting, but I often get asked how I parent three very individual kids. Recently, I met up with millennial entrepreneur and investor Gerard Adams in my home and he asked me about my principles on parenting.

I feel strongly that my kids are not meant to be carbon copies of me and Chris. They have their own thoughts, feelings, and goals. Our job isn’t to tell them what decisions to make–our job is to teach them HOW to make decisions.

One thing I know is this: no matter how great a job you think you’re doing with your kids, something will happen in their lives–whether it’s something you say or do, or something else that happens in their environment–that will mess them up. You can’t control how they internalize all the things in their lives, so let go of the worry that you have to be perfect and just be the best parent you can.

What you can do, however, is give your kids the tools to think critically, ask “why?” and question expectations, so that when they become adults, they have the skills to think long-term and make best choices.

What’s one piece of parenting advice you love?

This is a clip from my episode of Leaders Create Leaders with the incredible Gerard Adams. Find the whole thing here:

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