28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, Reality might be very much kicking in right about now. Why? Because of actual baby kicks. For many partners, pregnancy can feel abstract until they see or feel movements from the outside, and that starts around week 28 of pregnancy. Be prepared for reality to kick in around week 28, when you’ll be able to see and feel your baby’s movement. At your next prenatal appointment, your healthcare provider may feel around your abdomen to see if your baby is in the head-, feet-, or rear-first position. There’s no need to panic if your baby isn’t already head-down, which is the preferred birthing position. He or she still has 12 weeks to get it right.

This video tells you about 28 weeks pregnant baby position, baby size, baby movement and health care tips for pregnant women. Stay tuned with The Voice Of Woman!

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