EMDR for Babies: A parents’ guide for your baby’s first

EMDR – natural, simple and effective
Step-by-step to a happy baby

This video gives you a feeling about the EMDR-techniques for babies and that they are very simple and natural. In the parents’ guide “EMDR for Babies” you will learn how to use them for a healthy development of your baby.

“EMDR for Babies”
– Encourages healthy development
– Works through a traumatic birth
– Calms a screaming baby
– Heals disrupted bonding
– Prevents ADHD and ADD
– Develops perception skills

“EMDR for Babies” is a natural, simple, and effective process. Step by step, you will learn how to resolve problems during your baby’s first year of life and encourage his or her development in the optimum possible way – for a happy future together.
The original EMDR technique created by Francine Shapiro has been further developed by Ayleen Lyschamaya in her guide for parents “EMDR for Babies”.

With this YouTube video to demonstrate the expanded EMDR approach.

EMDR for Babies in conversation

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