Encouragement for Moms (8 Minutes to a Better Day!)

Encouragement for Moms (8 Minutes to a Better Day!)

The Parenting Junkie gives affirmations to mothers today! Need words of encouragements for moms? This week’s videos gives lots of encouragement for moms and words of encouragement for mothers. Inspirational quotes for moms can help us start our day off right! And don’t forget to share these inspirational quotes for mothers with other mamas! Do you wonder, Am I a good enough mom? And I a good enough parent. Yes! You ARE a good enough mother! Use this mom meditation and positive affirmations for moms to recharge your day! Do you need stay at home mom encouragement? Homeschool mom encouragement too? Are you a new mom and need new mom encouragement? Being a mother is HARD! This mom encouragement video will reset your battery? Let’s be honest. We all need mom affirmations throughout the day. Positive affirmations for mothers can re-instill in us a sense of purpose and confidence. These can be used as positive affirmations for parents as well! Share these affirmations for mothers with any parent. Whether you are in need of mother affirmations, or father affirmations, this video will lift your spirits! Now go watch these mom affirmations today!



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► Why is Peaceful Parenting SO HARD. (https://youtu.be/br0CFDcoiCY )
►Be MORE Judgmental (Parody) (https://youtu.be/IY8auVv0BdM)
►Peaceful Parenting Doesn’t “Work”?! (https://youtu.be/b9hFm61A4V0)
► What Do Punishments Teach? (https://youtu.be/mmeZlu_s_rY)

► Advice for Dads (https://youtu.be/BR1Fy3_0Lf0)
► Filthy Rich Kids – Emotionally (https://youtu.be/Pi22xLZ41gc)
► Minimalist Birthday Party for Kids (https://youtu.be/m9sNEcEizg0)

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