PARENTING – Food for My First Baby.

Babies certainly can’t live on milk alone. Even though
it’s essential to feed your little one with milk for
the first few months of life, you also need think
about solid foodstuff once the baby shows certain
indications of readiness. You can find out about the
different signs of digestive system preparedness by
reading My First Baby books or by surfing the

Cooking for your baby is pretty much like cooking for
grown-ups. The only difference is that preparing baby
food calls for extra attention and care in the
preparation and handling of ingredients.

Pre-cooking Basics
As a rule, you need to wash your hands with soap and
lukewarm water prior to preparing your baby’s meal. Be
sure to dry them up using a clean towel before
touching any of the ingredients. Similarly, you also
have to thoroughly wash your cooking utensils

Preparing The Ingredients
Fruits/Veggies – Wash, peel and cut up fruits and
vegetables prior to cooking. In addition, remove the
stones and seeds if you see any.
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