Parenting Kids with ADHD

Comedian Patrick McKenna and several ADHD experts lead us through Parenting Kids With ADHD.

This video highlights chapters 1 – 3 of our 11 chapter video. For our full 1 hour+ video on ‘Parenting Kids With ADHD’ visit

Simple Strategies & Practical Ideas

This video addresses the unique challenges faced by families with ADHD kids, offering practical solutions and revealing unexpected opportunities.

Join actor/comedian Patrick McKenna and his wife, Janis, along with some of the world’s leading ADHD experts, as they explain how to transform your child’s life by understanding what works for ADHD kids and why.
Dr. Declan Quinn
So what I do with the kids who come in, I will often say why are you coming to see me? They’ll say I don’t know.

I say did your mom and dad tell you? No.

Do they ever tell you anything? No.

So I’ll often say well is it because of problems at school?

Yeah, and did your mom and dad tell you that you were coming here to learn how to draw Bart Simpson? What?

Yeah we’re going to draw Bart Simpson before you leave, and we end up drawing Bart Simpson.

The principal rule here is that three-year-olds draw circles, four-year-olds draw squares, and five-year-olds draw triangles. So if you can do a triangle you can draw Bart Simpson. It’s all circles and squares and we start off halfway through it and then suddenly it starts to fall into shape and they’re going oh my God I’ve actually literally drawn Bart Simpson.

I said right, spell Bart, b-a-r-t . So let’s use Bart as a way of trying to figure out why you’re here, are you here because sometimes because your behavior gets you in trouble? Well sometimes, and are you sometimes here because you’ve been blaming other people when things go wrong? Just sometimes, and sometimes do you have a bit of an attitude problem? Well just sometimes, my brother has it worse.

Are you sometimes you know R – refuse to do homework, chores around the house? Not always, not always.

Then and we work our way through, so the T is teasing, tormenting your little brother or sister. What we’re going to do is we’re going to change you, and instead of blaming you’re going to have to believe in things again. Your parents are going to believe in you and you’re going to be bright and enthusiastic and we’re going to change you from having an attitude problem to being assertive, being assertive means you stand up, properly talk for yourself.

The R is going to get respect and you know what the basic building blocks are for respect, it’s please and thank you. It starts when you’re about one and we continue to do it.

This is not really so much for the kid as it is for the parents, because we’re reframing what we want them to do. The most important thing is that they continue to believe in their kid and in the relationship they need to continue to believe in their relationship so they can get it right, and they’ve got to stop blaming.

Suddenly you’re stepping this, and say you need to learn skills to teach your kid these skills so they’re ready when they’re 16 and 17 when they leave home.

Patrick McKenna

Hello I’m Patrick McKenna and this is a story, do you like stories? Well tough. Once upon a time there was a little boy who had ADHD, his name was Patrick McKenna, oh this is a good story because I’m identifying with the lead character already, but nobody realized that Patrick had ADHD so everyone thought he was just mischievous.

Mischievous is a special grown-up word for bad. Patrick was quite handsome and let’s be honest, brilliant, and so without any help at all he grew older.

Then he met a beautiful princess and they fell in love and lived happily ever after. Oh see that’s really nice, isn’t that nice? For the first few years, then Patrick became a parent thanks to some magic beans. Now he was a parent with ADHD and a parent of a child with ADHD.

This is a really long story and it could use pictures, I like books with pictures, you know if it has pictures. You know what the moral of the story is here? There are challenges for families with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and on this program we have some of the world’s best experts exploring the biggest challenges of parenting ADHD and the opportunities of parenting a child with ADHD, some are obvious, some are not.

Dr. Declan Quinn
So it does come back to communication and relationships and when the other person doesn’t understand what it is and does not know how to live with it, it’s a bit like looking for a black cat in a dark room.

They’re never sure what to expect you know, sometimes they’re getting scratched and sometimes they get a major scratch. It’s not a little kitten you’ve got a rip-roaring lion in there.

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