The Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy

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With a baby (or babies) on the way, getting as much sleep as possible may seem like the ultimate goal. For better or worse, there are plenty of obstacles in that stand between a pregnant woman and a good stretch of blissful and uninterrupted sleep.

As a mother of two myself, I remember the struggles to get comfortable at night. And as a back sleeper, I was surprised when my OBGYN recommended I change my sleep position about halfway through my pregnancy – I had no idea!

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You’re watching staff reviewer, editor and mom of two crazy boys, Katie Golde.

0:50 – What is the best sleeping position for pregnancy?

Experts may advise pregnant women to shift to their side, specifically their left sides, to allow for the promotion of blood and nutrients to both mom and baby.
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Please always check with your OBGYN before making any major changes to your sleep position – they’re the ones that know you and your pregnancy best (after you, of course!).

So why should women move to their sides? At some point, the bump is going to make stomach sleeping impossible and as our bodies grow and shift, sleeping on our backs puts added pressure upon key veins in our spine that help blood flow to our heart.

In addition to sleep positions, there are a lot of other aches, pains, and trips to the bathroom that can keep a pregnant mom up at night. I share a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way in the video. This includes things like having crackers on the nightstand to ease nausea, sleeping elevated to reduce heartburn, and a few more.

What are the ways you stay comfortable during pregnancy? Comment below and share the love – we’re all in this together!

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