Top 7 Tips For New Dads

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Soon-to-be dads and new dads have got lots of responsibilities – which aren’t at all easy. There are lots of books and online materials on this, to make their task easier. I decided to take it into my own hands and speak from my own experience. I have a weekly podcast and in one of our episodes, we offered 55 tips for new dads.

These are the top 7 crucial tips for new dads:

1) Buy butt paste. Lot’s of it. Use it every single time you change your baby. I don’t care whether they have a rash or not, use it and they will never get one.

2) Put your baby on an angle. While changing, why sleeping, whenever you can. You wonder why babies like sleeping in a car seat or being upright? If you were eating constantly until you were full and being put down flat, don’t you think you would get fussy?

3) Pay extra attention to your wife. Some days this may be hard, but do it anyway.

4) Schedule, Divide and Conquer. Assign tasks and responsibilities so everything is clear. Who is doing what, which day, and when. Not only should your baby be on a schedule, but you should too. I know, there are you hippies and “go with the flow” kind of people that don’t believe in that. Good for you. But when your kid has no boundaries when they grow up, we can attribute it to the fact that you didn’t feed them the same time every day.

5 ) Spend alone time with the baby. Whether that’s bath time, going places, or simply playing, get that one -on one time early. You will look back at it with fond memories.

6) Your baby or toddler is going to really piss you off at some point – don’t take it personally. They really have no idea what they are doing. Be empathetic to that.

7) There will be times when you will doubt your ability to be a father. You will not be a perfect parent. Take a deep breath and know it is perfectly normal to feel that way and realize you are awesome!

Just do these things and your all set! Hope you got some tips you can use. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. If you would like to support Dad University, visit our online store and buy a shirt. We’ll link it in the description below. We’ll see you next time.

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